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Klug Law Firm represents clients in Michigan and Florida in probate and trust administration and litigation, as well as conservatorship and guardianship proceedings.

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Probate and Trust Administration and Litigation

Klug Law Firm represents Estates in informal, independent and court-supervised probate administration in testate (will) and intestate (without a will) cases and the orderly distribution of the estate's assets in Michigan and Florida. Klug Law Firm has represented clients in probate proceedings to address creditor's claims, including Medicaid Recovery claims, against an estate, to appoint a Personal Representative in wrongful death action, to amend or delete obsolete provisions of irrevocable trusts and to create a qualified Medicaid trust or special needs trust Klug Law Firm has represented clients in probate litigation in cases challenging, contesting or defending the validity of a will, trust, durable power of attorneys or an alleged failure of trustee or personal representative to perform his or her fiduciary duties or to properly account to the beneficiaries for the assets of the estate or trust. Klug Law Firm in engages in probate and trust administration, including trust and probate litigation, where necessary to ensure the intent and wishes of the testator or trust grantor are given their full legal effect.


When a serious accident, illness or the effects of aging (dementia) render a person physically or mentally incapacitated and incapable of managing his or her own affairs, Klug Law Firm represents the spouse, child, relative or close friend be appointed conservator over the disabled person to manage the disabled person's finances, ensuring that bills and taxes are paid accurately and timely, that assets are being appropriately invested and protected, and making sure the disabled person's needs are being met. Klug Law Firm also assists the Conservator in having the disabled person become Medicaid qualified; sometimes through the use of qualified Medicaid Trusts. and/or special needs trusts. In a recent case, Klug Law Firm help an elderly person qualify for Medicaid benefits and receive over $225,000.00 in Medicaid benefits during his lifetime.


In the case of a minor or adult in need of personal care, the court may appoint another person to be in charge of the minor or incapacitated adult's needs. This responsibility for the person's safety and well-being can include making important legal decisions on the person's behalf.

While a conservator may be any competent person or entity, such as a professional money manager or a financial institution, a court-appointed guardian is often a family member. Where proper, the same person may be appointed as both conservator of the estate and guardian of the person.

Michigan and Florida Probate Attorneys

Klug Law Firm's legal team includes attorneys who are licensed to practice in Michigan and Florida and are experienced in all aspects of probate and estate administration and litigation in both jurisdictions. From entering a simple will in probate to obtaining protective orders in probate court for supplemental or special needs trusts, our lawyers have the knowledge, skills and abilities to meet your needs efficiently and effectively. For experience and expertise in Michigan and Florida probate and trust administration and litigation, contact the Klug Law Firm.